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Up-to-date employment contracts and policies that are compliant with UK employment law are essential for every business. Out-of-date contracts and polices can result in costly mistakes for your business. Employee handbooks can also readily go out-of-date and require immediate attention.

Furthermore, even with up-to-date documents, there may be a need to vary an employee’s terms and conditions or to ensure how the contents of employee handbooks or policies come across to employees and their fit with the culture you either have or are trying to create.

We can help.

We can provide you with contracts and policies that are compliant with UK employment law. We can also review your current contracts, polices and employee handbook and ensure these are all up-to-date for you. On the odd occasion, you need to change an employee’s terms and conditions, we can also guide you through this as there are a number of restrictions and formal consultation with the employee may be required.

Either way, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your contracts, policies and employee handbook are legally watertight and that you’ll have the up-to-date documentation you need to help you manage your employees within the UK employment law framework.

Employment Contracts

An employment contract should be legally compliant and also meet the needs of your specific business. We can work with you to review your current contracts or we can provide these for you if you don’t already have them.

If you want us to review your current contracts, we’ll go through these line by line and make sure they’re legally watertight to protect your business. However, we’ll also go one further step by looking at what the contracts might not cover and recommending further clauses for you which will aid you in effectively managing your employees should the situation arise.

Once this has been done, we’ll then run through these with you so you fully understand how the contracts have been improved and we can then also run training courses for managers so they fully grasp the contents of the contract in order to allow them to effectively manage your staff.

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Employment Handbook

An up-to-date employee handbook is critical for you and your employees. The employee handbook is a very useful place to keep all (or the majority) of your policies. Adherence to the employee handbook in the employee’s contract can then be mandated and policies amended, post appropriate consultation, without having to issue new contracts for all affected employees.

We can either review your employee handbook if you have one in place already or we can put one together for you from scratch. Either way, we’ll supplement producing the handbook contents with the conveying of them in a suitable style and tone in order to relay the correct message to your employees.

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Employment Policies

Some businesses rely on individual policies rather than having an employee handbook. Over time, these can go out of date with changes to UK employment legislation unless they’re carefully maintained.

Additionally, some businesses have some of the policies they need but not all of them.

We can review all your current policies either on a one-off or regular basis. We can also provide you with policies you don’t have to ensure you’re business is covered for everything you might need.

Furthermore, either through review of your existing policies or providing policies from scratch, we’ll recommend how you can strengthen your policies further to protect your business as far as possible whilst ensuring they’re as clear and fair for your employees too.

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Terms & Conditions

As much as you’d like to, you can’t just change employee terms and conditions when it suits your business. There are restrictions in place that prevent you from doing this and there’s also a prescribed process you need to follow. Any amendments would be viewed on how “reasonable” they’re deemed to be and, if significant, the changes would need to be done in consultation with your employees. At Abbott HR we can help you to determine how “reasonable” your proposed changes are deemed to be and also support you through the consultation process where applicable.

We can either work with you to define what your consultation process, timeline and communications need to be with you managing the process yourself or, we can manage the entire process for you, issuing the documentation, dealing with the questions (clearly not agreeing to anything without clearly consulting with you) and making sure that the signed copies of the amendments to the terms and conditions (or new contracts where applicable) are signed by the impacted employees.

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HR Project Management

We can either manage HR projects for you from scratch or take on programmes you’ve already got underway in order for you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

All our consultants are Prince 2 qualified and have extensive experience of managing projects of varying size and across a wide range of different businesses.

We’ll use the latest project methodologies (or different if you’d prefer) in order to ensure your projects are delivered to time and budget and that key stakeholders are brought on board and kept on board throughout the process.

All our projects begin with “the end in mind”. We’ll implement the structure needed to make sure your projects run smoothly and put in place the means for you to track progress both during the project and on realisation of the projects longer-term benefits against your initial investment.

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