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In order to maximise the profitability of your business and retain your high performers, you’ll want to ensure your employees and managers are suitability skilled to enable them to push your business forward. Well trained staff are competent, motivated – and common in high-performing companies.

Akin to this, all businesses need an objective means of measuring employee performance in order to compare employee results against individual goals and to compare employee performance against each other to know who their best performers are and which employee’s performance needs addressing.

We can help.

For employees, we can implement Career Development and Behavioural frameworks to give them clear sight of the requirements for future roles within the business, providing direction for them and encouraging them to work their very best in their current roles.

Additionally, for Managers, we provide a suite of Manager training modules focussed around employee well-being but also on how to practically manage underperformance and other employee relations issues through to effective resolution whilst always staying on the right side of UK employment law.

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Career Development Proposition

A Career Development Proposition can help you demonstrate to your employees that you’re interested in their progression within your business and are keen to promote it.

It provides a summary of key responsibilities within the different positions as well as the skills, knowledge and experience needed for each role. The Career Development Proposition can give clarity as to the desired behaviours for each role, the training and development and/or professional accreditations/qualifications needed and, sometimes, the likely experience an employee who would be successful in the role would be likely to have gained prior to being successful in applying for it.

The Career Development Proposition can be a useful tool for managers to support employees with career discussions and links in neatly to employee development planning which we can also help you with.

Furthermore, from a business planning point of view, managers can use the information gleaned from discussions around the Career Development Proposition to backfill key business roles based on a combination of the employees experience, skills and their preferred direction.

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Behavioural Frameworks

A Behavioural Framework complements employees’ job descriptions with not just what they do but how they do it.

A behavioural framework lays out the behaviours you value in your employees and that you expect to see on an ongoing basis. An employee who carries out all their role responsibilities and meets their objectives but does so in a way that hinders others meeting their objectives or creates a negative environment is an employee demonstrating behaviours that need addressing.

Behavioural frameworks typically lay out the specific behaviours applicable to all roles, supplemented by role-specific behaviours. These typically vary by the level of seniority within the role and can also be separated into behaviour families.

The framework formalises the behaviours you either want to aim for within your business or have and want to formalise in order to maintain these.

At Abbott HR, we’ll work with you to determine the behaviours common to your business as a whole, specific functions or individual roles. We’ll produce the framework for you, including examples of what each of these behaviour would typically look like by differing levels of seniority and, if required, can integrate this into your performance appraisal process for you (where one is in place) or implement a performance appraisal process in conjunction with a behavioural framework for you.

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Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are often done poorly, informally or not at all! Many businesses know they need to do them but shy away from the perceived level of effort required to implement performance plans, monitor employee progress against pre-agreed objectives and evaluate performance at the end of the performance review period.

Some businesses see them as an additional level of paperwork they could do without. Others are keen to have a process in place and would like to build upon this further by using an HR system that will enable them to keep all their employee performance information in one convenient place.

Either way, accurately monitoring employee performance can pay dividends, either by identifying and looking at ways to retain your top performers or by objectively managing your underperformers so that their performance improves or their employment with your business ceases.

We can help.

Having identified your specific aims, we’ll establish a performance appraisal process for you including providing performance document templates, manager and employee guides – and training (as required) – and supplementary employee development plans to help enable your employees to meet or exceed their objectives within their individual performance plans.

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Management Training

A lot of managers spend significant time managing issues that they could have resolved in significantly less time if they’d just received proper training. This is frustrating for them and also for the employees they’re trying to manage.

This can cost your business more money than investing in training your managers up properly in the first place.

At Abbott HR we run a series of training modules to upskill your managers and provide them with the knowledge they need to manage effectively within their roles.

We can deliver these modules either onsite or virtually as required.

Here’s some of our HR Training Modules:

  • Appearance and behaviour
  • Pay and benefits
  • Communication
  • Protecting the business
  • Discipline and grievances
  • Recruitment
  • Employee health
  • Termination of employment
  • Employee performance
  • Time off work
  • Employee relations
  • Work organisation and working patterns
  • Equal opportunities
  • Working time and annual leave
  • Family-friendly rights

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