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Keeping on top of employee data administration can be one of the most time consuming elements of HR. You need to oversee holidays employees have booked, employee absence records and employee personal details. There comes a time when an HR system surpasses a spreadsheet both in simplicity and usefulness!

We offer a cloud based HR system designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Through our HR software partner, we can provide an online (Cloud-based) HR system designed specifically for organisations with less than 250 employees.

In addition to the basics of maintaining up-to-date employee details, self-administered holiday booking and absence tracking, the system allows you to run a whole host of people data analytics to look at trends that need reversing or capitalising on to enhance your business further.

The system’s easy to set up. Employee information can then be quickly uploaded either by you or, of course, us.

Whilst the system’s easy to use, we can provide you and your employees with the training they need to become readily proficient with the system.

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