Risk Questionnaire

Complete our simple Risk Questionnaire to see how we may be able to best meet your needs and tailor the perfect solution for your business.

Do you have an employee handbook setting out company expectations and obligations and update it, at least annually, so that it remains current?

Does the business review how much sickness absence is costing on an annual basis?

Do you have a well-written sickness absence policy and procedure which uses triggers to monitor absence levels?

Productivity decreases as work related stress climbs. Do you offer employee wellness initiatives?

Do you know how to manage a redundancy exercise to minimise the likelihood of being accused of unfair redundancy selection?

Do your managers know how to handle discipline and grievance interviews?

Do you have a performance management system in place?

If you are concerned about the performance of individuals or teams, do you know what immediate actions to take to produce improvements?

Is improving the quality of your line managers an important priority for your organisation?

Has the business invested in developing managers in the last year?

Do you know how, why and when to progress from informal to formal discussions about unsatisfactory performance?

Do your managers effectively deal with everyday conflict in the workplace?

Do you know if you should use social media to vet prospective employees?

Do you know how engaged your employees are with your business?

Employers can be fined up to 20,000 for employing an illegal worker. Do you know what right to work checks you should be carrying out?

Is your business based in the UK?

Is your business based in or around London?

Are you personally responsible for HR within your business?

Are you satisfied with your current HR arrangements?

How many people does your business employ?

15 + 3 =

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